Chris Sanchez Prevails Against Cancer Insurance Company Worth $100K

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Dealing with a life-threatening illness can be overwhelming, and the last thing anyone wants is to be denied coverage by their insurance company. Unfortunately, this is a reality that many people face, even when they have paid their premiums on time and fulfilled all of their obligations.

Recently, Attorney Chris Sanchez represented a client who was denied a $100,000 cancer policy by their Cancer insurance company. The client had been diagnosed with cancer, and the policy was supposed to provide financial support during their treatment. However, the insurance company denied the claim, citing a pre-existing condition clause in the policy.

The client was understandably frustrated and scared. They were facing mounting medical bills and didn’t know how they were going to afford their treatment. That’s when they reached out to Chris Sanchez, an experienced attorney with a track record of successfully representing clients in insurance disputes.

Chris reviewed the client’s policy and medical records and determined that the insurance company had acted in bad faith by denying the claim. He filed a lawsuit on behalf of the client, alleging breach of contract and bad faith.

The insurance company fought back, arguing that the pre-existing condition clause in the policy was valid and that the client had failed to disclose their medical history accurately. However, Chris was able to demonstrate that the client had been truthful in their application and that the insurance company had relied on incorrect information when denying the claim.

After a long and hard-fought legal battle, Chris was able to secure a settlement for the client. The insurance company agreed to pay the full $100,000 cancer policy, plus interest and legal fees. The client was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief and focus on their treatment and recovery.

This case demonstrates the importance of having an experienced attorney on your side when dealing with insurance disputes. Insurance companies have teams of lawyers and adjusters who will do everything in their power to avoid paying claims, even when they are legitimate. Having an attorney who knows the law and is not afraid to fight for your rights can make all the difference.

If you are facing an insurance dispute or have been denied coverage by your insurance company, don’t hesitate to reach out to Attorney Chris Sanchez. With years of experience representing clients in insurance disputes, he has the skills and knowledge needed to help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact his law firm today to schedule a consultation.