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Meet Injury & Wrongful Death Attorney Chris Sanchez

Abogado de tropiezos y caídas en McAllen

Chris Sanchez
Chris Sanchez is a top injury and wrongful death attorney in the Rio Grande Valley and he has successfully recovered on injury cases all over the state of Texas. His law firm is located in McAllen, Texas. If you have been injured in a 18 Wheeler Truck Accident, Car Crash, Premises Liability (Slip and Fall or Trip and Fall), Rollover, Oil Field Explosion at a Refinery, or have lost a loved one due to a Wrongful Death occurrence, then you should call Law Office of Chris Sanchez P.C. today for a free consultation. Chris will fight to get you a maximized settlement or judgment recovery. Pay nothing unless we win. The consultation is free.

Personal Injury Attorney in McAllen

Personal Injury

If you were injured in any kind of accident and need help recovering damages, medical bills, and maximum compensation, Law Office Of Chris Sanchez P.C. can help you win big and get the most out of your settlement.

Car Accidents

We go after wreckless and irresponsible drivers with no remorse and make sure the responsible party and their insurance compensate you very well for damages, suffering and more. We will go the extreme to make sure you get what you deserve.

Oil Refinery Accidents

If you or if a loved one has had a very serious injury in an oil refinery related accident, Law Office Of Chris Sanchez P.C. will help you make things right. We will make sure you get compensated very well as well as obtain the justice you deserve.

18 Wheeler Accidents

If you were in an accident involving an 18 wheeler truck or semi, our experienced attorney will make everything stress free for you so you can recover any damages as well as win a big settlement.

The Relentless Lawyer

The pictures speak for themselves. Mr. Sanchez has been relentlessly and tirelessly pursuing justice for his clients against tortfeasors, their insurance companies and lawyers, to ensure his clients get every penny that they deserve. If you’ve been involved in an accident, then time is of the essence. Call us now at (956)686-4357 to set up a free consultation with the attorney.

Free Consultation

Call or use the contact us form to get answers to your dilemma. You can also schedule an appointment and come in for a free consultation with no obligation.

Maximize Your Injury Settlement

Let us work 24/7 passionately to maximize your injury recovery during pre-litigation phase and/or by taking your case to litigation to work towards a maximized settlement or judgment against the Defendant(s) for you.

You Only Pay If We Win

If we take your case, we will work for free unless we win.

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McAllen Injury Attorney
Personal Injury Attorney McAllen TX

Law Office of Chris Sanchez P.C.

Attorney Chris Sanchez helps you maximize your recovery on your injury settlement from the insurance companies with his relentless representation and experience handling injury claims. His office takes car crash, slip and fall, work related injury, wrongful death, and 18 wheeler truck accident cases from all over the state of Texas.

Injury Attorney Chris Sanchez will fight for you to recover as much money as possible in your injury case. Our attorney is very good with dealing with the insurance companies because he is well versed in numbers: holding an undergraduate degree in Finance, Master of Educational leadership, former math teacher, in addition to his law degree.

MEET THE ATTORNEY: Call Law Office of Chris Sanchez P.C. now to set up a free consultation with Chris. 956-686-4357 or send us a text or Whatsapp message to 956-616-2020.

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American Institute of Legal Advocates Rising Star Award

We are extremely please and honored to be recognized by the American Institute of Legal Advocates as well as being presented with their 2018 Rising Star award. This recognition goes in line with our hard work and commitment with fulfilling the needs of all of our clients.

Attorneys from this organization are recognized by having demonstrated a commitment to ethical business practice and exemplified themselves not only as superb lawyers, but also as dedicated advocates for their clients who provide an above average degree of customer service and consistent, effective legal representation.

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Free Case Evaluation

At the Law Offices of Chris Sanchez P.C, a car accident attorney in McAllen, we have the compassion, knowledge, experience and skills needed to represent you in all aspects of your legal case.

We will get to know you and your family so that we can help the jury understand what has happened to you and your family and how it has changed your lives and why it is you deserve to be fully compensated.

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