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18-Wheeler wrongful death

18-wheeler / Wrongful death in Houston, Texas

Accidents involving 18-wheelers can cause horrific injuries or even fatalities to the people in the vehicles involved, including the drivers and passengers. Every year, many claims are filed for personal injury and wrongful death due to accidents and incidents involving 18-wheelers brought on by blowouts, violations committed by truck drivers, and hazardous loads. The vast majority of trucking firms, on the other hand, provide their drivers with training on what they should do and say in the event of an accident to avoid being held liable for the incident. Because of this, it is important to work with an attorney who is aware of how to investigate incidents involving 18-wheelers and how to hold irresponsible truck drivers accountable for the injuries and deaths they cause due to their actions.

The complexity of the Cases

It would help if you spoke with attorney Chris Sanchez in Houston about how complicated a claim for a truck accident may become. The trucking sector is governed by regulations established by state and federal governments, such as those established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The safety of the general populace is the primary focus of these statutes and regulations.

In addition, poor working conditions cause many accidents involving trucks. Most of the time, drivers keep dangerous hours and allow themselves to get too exhausted. These drivers are too tired to concentrate, which leads to accidents.

Attorney Chris Sanchez is well aware that even though the government and individual corporations are taking measures to make commercial transportation safer, they continue to be a significant issue. Accidents with catastrophic results continue to be a worry for public safety in Houston and across the state of Texas.

Attorney Chris Sanchez is prepared to fight for you, whether you are a professional truck driver or the occupant of a passenger car.

Attorney Chris Sanchez is aware of the complexities involved in these instances. Frequently, they include several victims, multiple corporations with vast legal teams, and a complicated body of legislation.

In addition, trucking corporations and the insurance teams representing them will stop at nothing to escape legal duty and financial accountability.

Several commercial trucking firms have accident response teams available around the clock. Their primary objective is to conduct investigations into truck accidents as soon as possible. However, to presume that they desire a clean probe is a dangerous assumption to make.

It is their responsibility to begin the process of constructing a case against you before you are even aware of the full degree of your injuries. They have a group of professionals in the business, adjusters, and lawyers on their side, and they want to avoid taking a knock on their revenues.

What is a Wrongful Death Claim?

The survivors of a person who passes away or is dead due to the carelessness or wrongdoing of another person may file a claim for “wrongful death.” These lawsuits seek compensation for the survivors’ losses, such as lost earnings from the dead, missed companionship, and burial costs. In addition, these cases may seek to have the deceased person’s estate liquidated.

It is possible to file a claim for wrongful death if one person’s actions legally result in the death of another. It’s possible that the individual in question is the one at blame in a vehicle accident, or it may be a bartender who provided alcohol to a motorist who was already intoxicated.

Statutes governing wrongful death may vary from state to state. Still, they generally determine who is eligible to sue for wrongful death and whether or not there are any limits on the number of damages awarded. In the beginning, wrongful death legislation was enacted so that they may provide monetary assistance to bereaved families and children without parents.

Wrongful Death Damages

Pecuniary, sometimes known as financial, harm is the primary kind of loss that may be claimed in a wrongful death lawsuit. The courts construed the term “pecuniary injuries” to include the loss of financial assistance, services, the opportunity to inherit and the costs of medical treatment and burial services. Most legal systems mandate that monetary compensation for wrongful death should be equitable and proportionate to the financial losses incurred directly from the decedent’s passing. If the distributees paid for the burial or the medical treatment of the deceased person, or if they are accountable for such expenditures, they may also collect those costs. Finally, an interest rate will be applied to a damage award beginning on the date of the decedent’s passing.

18 Wheeler Accidents and Serious Injuries

  • Head trauma
  • Damage to the spinal cord
  • Paraplegia / quadriplegia
  • Brain injury
  • Amputations
  • Severe disfigurement
  • Burns

How does Chris Sanchez Help You?

In an accident where you are hurt due to a collision with a commercial vehicle, you need an attorney who will fight for your rights and your future. Attorney Chris Sanchez takes a combative stance toward every case he takes on.

This indicates that he will dedicate the necessary effort to researching and looking into all aspects of your case. When he does so, he discovers the cause of your injuries and who is responsible for them. He built a compelling argument that is prepared for both the arena of legal dispute resolution and the negotiating table.

His exhaustive research provides him with a clearer picture of your losses and a strong position from which to negotiate to get the best possible outcome for your compensation. 

Attorney Chris Sanchez is qualified to handle any accident claim involving an 18-wheeler due to his extensive experience and skill in the field. Accidents involving commercial trucks are highly known for Attorney Chris Sanchez, who practices across Texas. Most of the time, these incidents call for the quick involvement of an attorney who has the means and the skills to launch an inquiry.

Because of this, Attorney Chris Sanchez will go to act on your behalf as soon as he is aware of the specifics of your case. The sooner he gets started, the greater the possibility that he will be able to collect solid evidence to support your claim.

Mission Car Crash Attorney

Pharr car crash attorney is offering free consultations.

Pharr car crash attorney Chris Sanchez does not stop winning his cases and obtaining judgement on his client’s behalf.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

There were 35,766 fatal motor vehicle crashes in the United States in 2020 in which 38,824 deaths occurred. This resulted in 11.7 deaths per 100,000 people and 1.34 deaths per 100 million miles traveled. The fatality rate per 100,000 people ranged from 4.9 in Massachusetts to 25.4 in Mississippi. The death rate per 100 million miles traveled ranged from 0.63 in Massachusetts to 1.97 in South Carolina.

If you or your loved one has been in any kind of car accident, it is important you get in touch with a personal injury attorney that is experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate about his clients and cases.

The Law Office of Chris Sanchez, a Pharr car crash attorney, is the exact attorney you need. With a dedicated team of professionals who work around the clock for you, no stone will be left unturned when it comes to The Law Office of Chris Sanchez helping you win and obtaining maximum compensation for you.

Pharr car crash attorney
Mission Car Crash Attorney

We know first hand how distressing it is when your life seems to get turned upside due to a car accident. Our legal team will make every attempt to help you in this stressful situation by trying to make the process as easy and stress free as possible.

Starting with a free consultation, we will make sure to give you all the information you need as well as give you realistic expectations. If you choose to hire us, we will then prepare ourselves by doing as much research as possible and gathering all necessary evidence.

Start today by giving us a call at 956.686.4357. One of our legal staff members will help you set up your free consultation. Pharr car crash attorney Chris Sanchez waits to fight for you.

McAllen Injury Attorney

San Antonio wrongful death attorney brings clients maximum compensation.

San Antonio wrongful death attorney Chris Sanchez is fighting hard for his clients and is very successful in obtaining maximum compensation for them.

Wrongful death affects us all in profound ways. A loved one’s death causes mental, emotional, and financial distress, and nobody is ever really prepared for that.

Wrongful death attorney Chris Sanchez, who has been working hard as a San Antonio 18 wheeler attorney, fights for justice and pursues the culpable party to the maximum extent possible.

There are several types of wrongful death cases and personal injury attorney Chris Sanchez knows what it takes to win.

San Antonio wrongful death attorney
Wrongful Death Attorney McAllen TX

Medical Malpractice

Auto Accidents

Work Related

are just some of the different types of wrongful death cases.

Who can file a wronful death case?

Typically, and this may vary, a wrongful death suit must either be filed by the deceased’s spouse, children, parents, or any blood relative or adoptive sibling who was at least partially reliant on the deceased person for support.

What can be recovered in a wrongful death suit?

The monetary value of support the deceased offered to surviving family

Loss of companionship, guidance, or protection offered by the deceased

Mental and emotional pain and suffering from the death of the child

Medical or funeral expenses paid by surviving family members for the deceased

are just some of the damages that may be included. Wrongful death attorney Chris Sanchez will do what it takes to make sure you and your loved ones are taken care of. With a professional and dedicated legal team that works around the clock for your case, you can rest assured everything that can be done will be done to fight for you.

Contact us today at 956-686-4357 to get started with a FREE consultation. Attorney Chris Sanchez is based out of McAllen TX and has been making a name for himself in (and) frequents the San Antonio area.

abogado en mcallen

The best car crash attorney in Pharr is offering free consultations!

Car crash attorney in Pharr, Chris Sanchez, from the Law Offices of Chris Sanchez, is now offering 100% completely free consultations!.

Chris Sanchez and his legal team have helped their clients recover thousands of dollars per case.

If you have been hurt or injured in a car accident, you deserve the best. Which is the help of a professional, experienced attorney that can help you obtain maximum compensation for your injuries, pain, and suffering.

By having a top car crash attorney in Pharr, such as The Law Office of Chris Sanchez, it can mean the difference between winning maximum compensation for your claim or receiving nothing at all.

Chris Sanchez and his legal team make the experience as easy and stress free as possible. With years of experience and a dedicated staff, they will make sure you are well taken care of. Any questions or concerns will be answered in a timely manner and we will do all the heavy lifting for you.

car crash attorney in Pharr
Mission Car Crash Attorney

Best of all, a FREE consultation is always offered. This means we will consult with you and, based on the circumstances, determine which is the best case scenario for your individual situation. We also pledge to be honest and never give out false hope or expectations.

Part of the reason The Law Office of Chris Sanchez, a car crash attorney in Pharr, is getting so many positive reviews, is due to the fact that honesty is always priority.

By providing a realistic expectation up front, our clients are always satisfied in knowing what to expect from the beginning. Of course, we always strive to go above and beyond what we initially discuss, and if possible we make every effort to secure a larger payout for our clients.

Team Member @ TheLawOfficeOfChrisSanchez

Give The Law Office of Chris Sanchez a call today for your free consultation by calling (956) 686-4357.

Abogado de tropiezos y caídas en McAllen

Abogado de tropiezos y caídas en McAllen. Chris Sanchez es el mejor!

Abogado de tropiezos y caídas en McAllen esta disponible y te ofrece consulta gratis!

Si se lesionó en un accidente de resbalón y caída, necesita la ayuda de abogados con experiencia. Desde derrames en supermercados hasta diseños defectuosos de peldaños de escaleras, nuestra firma ayuda a las víctimas de accidentes por resbalones y caídas a recuperar daños por parte de propietarios, dueños de propiedades y operadores comerciales negligentes.

La oficina legal de Chris Sanchez, nuestros abogados de resbalones y caídas de McAllen han buscado y obtenido justicia para nuestros clientes en prácticamente todos los tipos de escenarios de accidentes por resbalones, tropezones y caídas. Por esta razon el abogado Chris Sanchez es considerado el mejor abogado de tropiezos y caidas en McAllen.

De tiendas departamentales, supermercados, centros comerciales y otras áreas de alto tráfico en establecimientos públicos. También hemos ayudado a clientes que sufrieron lesiones graves debido a pisos mojados, sustancias extrañas o transitorias, escaleras que no se ajustan a las normas, iluminación inadecuada, pasamanos sueltos o defectuosos y otros riesgos de seguridad.

Abogado de tropiezos y caídas en McAllen

Un accidente por resbalón, tropiezo o caída también puede ocurrir debido a alfombras defectuosas, escalones rotos y bordes de escaleras desgastados por el tráfico en hoteles, moteles, restaurantes, tiendas minoristas, residencias privadas, edificios gubernamentales e incluso cruceros.

Puede caerse en un club nocturno o en un supermercado después de que un empleado no limpie después de derramar una bebida en el piso. Incluso podría perder el equilibrio y caerse en un centro comercial donde el custodio acaba de fregar los pisos pero no ha colocado ninguna señal de advertencia.

Por eso es importante contactar a Chris Sánchez lo antes posible. Recuerda que ofrecemos una consulta GRATIS y no pagas nada si no ganamos. ¡Llámenos hoy al (956) 686-4357 para comenzar con su consulta gratuita! Te esperamos hoy.

mcAllen slip and fall lawyer

McAllen slip and fall lawyer continues on his quest to win his cases.

McAllen slip and fall lawyer Chris Sanchez, from The Law Offices of Chris Sanchez, continues on his quest to beat cases, obtain judgement on his clients behalf, and maximum compensation from his cases.

Attorney Chris Sanchez is an excellent attorney he is very strategic, one step ahead, will fight for you, and be the voice you need to represent you against the opposing party. I highly recommend Mr. Sanchez to family, friends and co workers. I’d trust him with anything, do not hesitate to call him.

Uriel Lara – Google Reviews

With a steady amount of 5 star reviews coming in, it is now wonder attorney Chris Sanchez is one of the most sought after McAllen slip and fall lawyers. His hard at work legal time works around the clock to prepare for cases and when its time to go to court they are ready and prepared to go all the way with your judgement or settlement. Having a professional, established lawyer that fights hard for you means you are likely to obtain a better settlement and judgement on your behalf.

Slip and fall cases in general are very difficult to deal without a knowledgeable attorney’s help. Due to insurance companies doing everything they can to back out, devalue, lower, or deny your cases. It is imperative you have an attorney that understands the situation fully.

The Law Office of Chris Sanchez will do all the hard work. We will gather the necessary evidence, including contacting the owner of the property or place of accident, and check any necessary and pertinent information that relates to your accident or injury.

McAllen slip and fall lawyer

A slip and fall accident is when a person slips, trips, or falls on a hazard, often resulting in injuries. If this happens on another persons property or place of business, usually the property, property owner, or insurance of, is held responsible. This is where having the best McAllen slip and fall lawyer helps.

Give The Law Office of Chris Sanchez a call today to get started with a free consultation at (956) 686-4357.

Slip and fall attorney in Brownsville offering free consultation.

Slip and fall attorney in Brownsville, Chris Sanchez, is offering free consultation along with a “no win no pay” approach.

If you have had a slip and fall injury in Brownsville, TX, it is possible you are entitled in the recovery of damages and personal injury.

Negligent property owners should not be let off the hook if you suffered an accident at their place of business.

Get in touch with a professional, knowledgeable, and experienced slip and fall attorney in Brownsville, such as The Law Office of Chris Sanchez.

We have successfully recovered thousands and thousands of dollar per client in successful case verdicts and settlements.

slip and fall attorney in brownsville

Consultations are always free and since we offer a no win no pay approach, this means if we take your case we will work hard and around the clock to ensure we obtain maximum compensation on your behalf.

Sip and falls are one of the leading causes of injury, whether temporary or permanent, and in some cases death around the country.

Rehab, medical bills, pain and suffering, and other unknown issues can all arise from a slip and fall injury accident. Loss of income can you put you in a tough financial bind as well and we, as your attorney, will do everything in our power to make sure you are financially stable and able to recover as quickly as possible.

By contacting us, you can be assured you will get nothing but the best in legal representation and we will fight for the justice you deserve.

Insurance companies will generally low ball, devalue, your claim. Let The Law Office of Chris Sanchez handle all this for you as we know exactly how to deal with these types of companies.

Give us a call today at (956) 686-4357 to get started with your free consultation.

Mcallen 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney

San Antonio 18 wheeler attorney wins big for his clients.

San Antonio 18 wheeler attorney is winning big for the clients whom he has represented. The Law Office of Chris Sanchez, a McAllen based attorney, has been making a name for himself in the San Antonio area.

Our focus has always been to fight for justice. Relentlessly pursuing justice and obtaining maximum compensation is our priority. Each and every one of our cases are researched and worked on by our legal staff until we are sure we are ready to go to court.

Team Member @ LawOfficeOfChrisSanchez

The staff at The Law Office of Chris Sanchez has been working around the state of Texas representing individuals who find comfort and peace of mind in obtaining professional legal representation outside of their local area.

San Antonio 18 wheeler attorney
18 wheeler attorney 5 star reviews.

Although based in McAllen Texas, Chris Sanchez, attorney from The Law Office of Chris Sanchez, routinely serves as a San Antonio 18 wheeler attorney for clients that have been in an accident or gotten an injury due to a tractor trailer collision.

Our free consultation makes it easy to answer all of our clients questions, concerns, and doubts as well as give each and every one of our potential clients a realistic time expectation and outcome for their case should they choose to hire us. Additionally, our no pay no win policy means if we take your case we will work hard to make sure we win and obtain judgement on our client behalf.

Team Members @ LawOfficeOfChrisSanchez

If you are in need of a San Antonio 18 wheeler attorney call The Law Office of Chris Sanchez to schedule your free consultation and find out how they can help you win your case, obtain maximum compensation on your behalf, and most importantly of all, obtain the justice you deserve. Call us today at (956) 686-4357 to schedule your free consultation today. See you soon!

McAllen personal injury lawyer

Car crash attorney in Harlingen consistently wins cases in his clients favor.

Car crash attorney in Harlingen, Chris Sanchez (The Law Office of Chris Sanchez), has been consistently winning cases and obtaining maximum compensation for his clients.

Starting with a FREE consultation. The legal team at The Law Office of Chris Sanchez will take the time to get to know you, your case + accident details, and answer any questions or concerns you might have.

Car crash attorney in Harlingen voted best lawyer.
Voted Best!

“Our goal is to make our clients feel at ease, comfortable, and make the whole experience and process as anxiety and stress free as possible”

Team Member @ Law Office of Chris Sanchez

Having worked with hundreds of clients across the Rio Grande valley, car crash attorney in Harlingen Chris Sanchez is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and familiarized with all the legal proceedings. His vast knowledge and professionalism means there are no games to play when its time to enter the court room.

Fighting for justice is the name of the game and we will not hold back when it comes to obtaining the maximum compensation our client deserves.

Team Member @ Law Office of Chris Sanchez

The Law Office of Chris Sanchez is determined to keep winning cases and clients day by day. With positive 5 star reviews consistently coming in, there is no stone left unturned when it comes to bringing and obtaining true justice for all of our clients.

To get started with your free consultation, give us a call at (956) 686-4357. After speaking to us and hiring us, you can rest easy and be at peace knowing your attorney Chris Sanchez and his legal team are working hard and diligently behind the scenes. We will take care of all the work and aim to make the whole process as easy and stress free as possible. We know you hate being in the courtroom but we love it so you don’t have to.

McAllen Auto Accident Attorney

Abogado de choques en Weslaco sigue obteniendo justicia para sus clientes.

Abogado de choques en Weslaco, Chris Sanchez, continúa su búsqueda para obtener justicia y ayudar a sus clientes a obtener la máxima compensación.

En las Oficinas Legales de Chris Sanchez, nuestros abogados de accidentes automovilísticos en Weslaco manejan casos de lesiones personales y muerte por negligencia para personas en Weslaco y en todo el Valle del Río Grande.

Desde nuestro establecimiento, hemos construido un récord de éxito, recuperando miles de dólares en veredictos por caso y acuerdos para nuestros clientes.

Abogado de choques en Weslaco
Injury Attorney in McAllen Mission

La Oficina Legal de Chris Sanchez ha sido reconocida de muchas maneras y somos miembros y líderes de organizaciones estatales y nacionales.

Nuestro abogado de choques en Weslaco, Chris Sanchez, se encuentra entre los mejores abogados del Valle del Río Grande, y año tras año, nuestra firma es elogiada por comentarios positivos y recomendaciones de boca en boca de nuestros clientes satisfechos.

Porque deberias de contratarnos?

  • Nuestra firma ha recuperado miles y miles de dinero (por cliente) en veredictos y acuerdos para clientes individuales
  • Nuestros abogado de accidentes automovilísticos en Weslaco harán todo lo posible para obtener la máxima compensación por sus necesidades y pérdidas.
  • Nuestra firma cree en el poder de la atención personalizada, los recursos legales de alta calidad y los litigios agresivos.
  • Nuestro abogado sabe cómo negociar y litigar todo tipo de accidentes automovilísticos, desde colisiones de peatones hasta accidentes fatales de camiones comerciales.
  • Nuestra firma tiene como objetivo ayudar a los sobrevivientes de accidentes automovilísticos de todas las formas posibles, incluso ofreciendo consulta gratis y si no ganas no pagas.

Contáctenos hoy para ver cómo podemos ayudarlo. Ofrecemos una consulta gratuita y con gusto responderemos cualquier pregunta o inquietud, así como también le daremos una expectativa realista. Llámenos hoy al (956) 686-4357. Estamos disponibles los 6 dias a la semana para servirte.